The Luke Roux Memorial Fund was created to extend indefinitely the love, hope, and kindness that Luke created in his short life. This fund supports activities and organizations that helped shape his distinct character.  Additionally, Luke will be remembered through change at the local, state, federal, and corporate levels to reduce the number of lives lost every year from intoxicated driving.

Who was Luke Roux?

If you performed an internet search for Luke Roux prior to June 25, 2022 you might not find a lot of information, in fact you would likely find nothing. 

Luke was the opposite of flashy. He didn’t create an image or persona online. He was who he was. Action not words. Luke was a reflection to others of his love and faith in Christ. 

Luke represented the best elements of Christianity by living a simple life rooted in love and kindness for those around him. He was a young man of few words. When words were needed they were real, yet kind.

Luke was a reflection to others of his love and faith in Christ.

Discipline is another word that comes to mind when you think about Luke.

By his choice…sleep, diet, and activities were executed with consistency and precision.  Some of his friends would joke with him saying, “Luke has a government mandated bedtime.”  This allowed him to operate at peak performance all of the time. At his high school commencement, one of the speakers said, “If you were given just one car for your entire life. Just one car. That’s it. I bet you’d take great care of it….you only have one body, one life. How are you treating it?” Luke took great care of himself, so that he could be his best so that he could help anyone at any time. We would all benefit from living our lives more like Luke did.
Seems like a very simple and regimented individual, however, those that were close to Luke knew that the only thing simple about him was his lack of needing anything beyond what was essential.
Luke was an athlete: ice hockey, baseball, tennis, swimming, and his latest passion disc golf. Luke was a gamer and participated in e-sports events. Luke was a lover of music and a musician: an eclectic taste in music mostly leaning toward progressive rock, an accomplished drummer, violin, keyboards, and guitar. Luke was a scholar: math was by far his biggest strength, and he graduated High School with first honors. 

UCONN recognized his strength and interest in math by awarding him academic scholarship support.

Luke was prepared and fully equipped to continue spreading his love and kindness beyond his family, friends, and the Farmington community before his life was cut short.

Luke started his day, like every day this summer, with his alarm going off at 8:30am.

After eating breakfast he spent time with his mother, which included a long walk around the neighborhood. Later that day, he did work around the house and practiced disc golf. He was looking forward to his baseball game that evening. Luke’s two favorite sports were ice hockey and baseball. 

Just being on the field was more than enough for Luke but on this particular day his team finished the game in just 5 innings as they easily won their game. A teammate said Luke was extra happy that day about his hit resulting in 2 RBIs.

After the post-game talk, packing up his gear, and doing the normal field cleanup Luke got into his car to head home to his standard chocolate milk and a snack. 

On his way home, following a route that he has taken many times, an intoxicated driver ran a red light at over 80 mph and struck Luke’s car.

Luke’s life ended in an instant and cast a shadow across so many hearts.

Luke’s mother, father, and two brothers have created this memorial fund to extend indefinitely the love, hope, and kindness that Luke created in his short life.

Luke left us at a time when he was wildly optimistic about the future, a future in which he would have helped so many more people.

Thanks to your support, we have begun to honor Luke through programs in our local community: 

  • Farmington High School Scholarship
  • Farmington Generals Hockey
  • West Hartford Youth Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Disc Golf

We are also laser focused on awareness and reduction of driving while intoxicated.  Luke is remembered through these memorials; however, something must be done to prevent it from happening to someone else. Luke’s fund is also dedicated to creating change. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for everyone ages 5-34 and 1 in 3 crash deaths involves a drunk driver. Doing nothing…is NOT an option. It will take time and change will be slow but we will not give up…stay tuned for updates on our progress…

To make a donation, use the donation platform linked below. The Luke Roux Memorial Fund will directly support:

  • Future graduates of Farmington High School
  • Farmington Valley Generals Hockey
  • Farmington Little League
  • West Hartford Youth Hockey
  • Supporting disc golf in Connecticut
  • Autism awareness and support
  • Organizations committed to the awareness and prevention of destructive driving
  • Create change and accountability for venues that promote excessive alcohol consumption with insufficient plans in place

All donations made to the Luke Roux Memorial Fund are fully tax-deductible because it is a privately held Donor Advised Fund.

Simply follow the link to the donation platform using the button below.


We will all need to dig deeper and be a little better, a little kinder, to help this world move forward without you.

I reflected back in the last few days of thinking how wonderful Luke was for all of us. His smile and face gestures are priceless and will be with all of us forever.

Always so quiet and determined and never critical to another player. Intent that he would push himself to his best. His own worst critic if he felt he came up a little short.

Gentle giant.

Luke was such a gentle and kind soul.

Such a polite and sweet young man.

Upon meeting Luke it was easy to tell he was a kind soul.

I often wondered what was going through his head…as smart as he was and as little as he spoke, you know it was a lot.

Luke has remained one of my all time favorite students, with his kindness and hard work.